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Video from WBC OPEN in Romania

Check out video from the World Ballet Competition OPEN (Romania 2012)!

Guest artists, Adiarys Almeida and Joseph Gatti of Boston Ballet, conclude the first ever World Ballet Competition OPEN in Sibiu, Romania. Dancing the final number in the Gala of the Stars, Adiarys and Gatti performed a dynamic coda thrilling the audience! 


Introductory Competitor #107, Yu Jin Kim of Korea, performs "Day of the Shrew" in the first ever World Ballet Competiton OPEN in Sibiu, Romania! 


Introductory Competitor #106, Runia Hanza of Romania, performs "Reverie" choreographed by Oleg Danovski Jr. in the first ever World Ballet Competiton OPEN!


Pas de Deux Competitors #502, Reina Yagura of Japan and Bogdan Plopeanu of Romania, perform "Le Corsaire" in the first ever World Ballet Competiton OPEN!


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The venue of the 2022 World Ballet Competition, Orange County Convention Center, is wheelchair accessible. For futher information on Assistance for Guests with disabilities, please click here.