Photos from WBC OPEN in Romania

 Take a behind the scenes view of the first "WBC OPEN" held in Sibiu, Romania...


 Competitors take warm-up class on Day 1 (July 6) at the theater in Sibiu. Nice picture of the screen used to project competitor scores too!



 Turns, turns, and more turns continue in the Competitor warm-up class on Day 1 (July 6).



A picture of the competitor warm-up class on Day 2 (July 7) at the theater...Youngjin Lee of Korea taught!



Official Poster distributed around town for the World Ballet Competition OPEN.



 Competitor performs on Day 1 (July 6) of World Ballet Competition OPEN.



Welcome to Sibiu, Romania! Competitors received the official WBC Open t-shirt, id badge, information on Sibiu and more!



 Back side of the official WBC OPEN poster distributed around town...



A view of the computer tablets the judges of the World Ballet Competition Open use to score competitors. The public really enjoyed the excitement of seeing each competitor's score immediately posted.