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The World Ballet Competition is geared towards professionally oriented dancers and is open to Individuals or Ensembles of all nationalities; granted that they comply with all rules and regulations of the World Ballet Competition.



In order to maintain the quality and prestige of the competition, each competitor is screened via video audition prior to being accepted to compete in the finals of the World Ballet Competition.

For more information on the Video Audition Application requirements, CLICK HERE.


There are two divisions, Individual and Group. Competitors may enter into each division.



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Please note: All fees and payments are final and non-refundable.



Age for each category is determined as of May 1st of the competition year (Example: Birthday March 21, 1999 will be age 23 as of May 1st, 2022 therefore will apply to the Professional Category).



The soloist competitor’s performance consists of Classical Ballet Solos (selected from the WBC 2022 Repertoire List). Please click the link below to access the Classical Ballet Repertoire List for your category: 

Introductory Category (Ages 9-11)
Preparatory Category (Ages 12-13)
Pre-Professional Category (Ages 14-15)
Professional Category (Ages 16-24)

A contemporary piece (free choice) is also required to be performed by soloist competitors, age 12 and up. Contemporary pieces must be choreographed within 5 years from the competition date. Contemporary refers to Neoclassical, Modern, Lyrical and/or Jazz styles.

Please note: Failure to perform variations from the WBC 2022 Repertoire List will result in a scoring penalty OR disqualification from the competition; depending upon the decision of the WBC Judging Panel.



All competitors will compete in at least one eliminating round of competition. Competitors with the highest scores will advance to next round (if applicable) and will be eligible to win cash awards and/or other prizes.
* Introductory & Ensemble Categories have only one round of competition.
* Preparatory Category has 2 eliminating rounds.
* Pre-Professional & Professional Categories have 3 eliminating rounds.

The number of competitors advancing to Rounds II and III is determined by the Jury Panel.



Medals, cash, scholarships, titles, diplomas and other prizes will be awarded to all Competition Categories. Only one prize of $10,000 (Grand Prix) may be awarded to an outstanding Male, Female, or Group (Contingent upon a Jury decision). A Grand Prix recipient will be retired from all awards with WBC future competitions.

* Introductory & Preparatory Category: Competitors with the highest accumulated score will be eligible to win medals, cash awards, and/or other prizes. Introductory competitors are eligible for cash prizes up to $300 per medal, and Preparatory competitors up to $600 per medal.
* Ensemble, Pre-Professional & Professional Categories: Competitors with the highest accumulated score will be eligible to win the Grand Prix, medals, cash awards and/or other prizes. Pre-Professional competitors are eligible for cash prizes up to $1,500 per medal, Professional competitors up to $3,000 per medal, and Ensemble competitors up to $2,000 per medal.
* Choreography Award: To be eligible for this award and $500 cash prize, competitors must submit the Choreography Registration Form. Only Contemporary pieces are eligible to enter for this award. Choreography that has been previously awarded will not be considered for the Choreographer’s Award.



All competition rounds are open to the public. The competition is also broadcast via the internet at http://livestream.com/worldballetcompetition.



Competitors will be judged by a seven member, international jury panel elected by the WBC Organizing Committee. Competitors will be judged twice by each jury member. The first score is for technical merit and second score for artistic interpretation. The lowest and highest scores of both technical merit and artistic interpretation will be dropped and the remaining five scores will be averaged. For the Ensemble Category, judging will be based on synchronization/execution and artistry.



A competitor who surpasses the required time limit will receive a scoring penalty OR disqualification from the competition; depending upon the decision of the WBC Judging Panel.

Individual Solos:

Time limit of 2:30 minutes


Time limit of 2:30 minutes for Duet (2 dancers)
Time limit of 3:00 minutes for Trio (3 dancers)
Time limit of 4:00 minutes (4 - 7 dancers) or 6:00 minutes (8 - 40 dancers)



Competitors will perform in ascending order in 1st and 3rd rounds (if applicable) and in descending order in the 2nd round. Competitor numbers are chosen at random electronically.


Accepted competitors must ensure that they have the choreography and music rights to perform the contemporary pieces. Featured Performers in Special Events - Besides the “All Stars Performance", other events may be scheduled throughout the Orlando area during the competition. Participants performing in any special events must agree to waive all fees and royalties. Performers featured in any events will be selected by the Jury Panel. Any competitor may be selected to perform, regardless of scores.



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