Can solos used in the video audition be repeated in the rounds of the competition?
Yes, solos used in the video audition can be repeated in any round of the competition. However, ALL solos MUST be chosen from the WBC Classical Repertoire List updated for the specific competition year.

The WBC is neither liable nor responsible if your submitted solo is not on the list. It is solely your responsibility to ensure your Variation is on the list. Any questions regarding solos should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the WBC at 1- 407.849.4669.


Can I use a performance video for the video audition?
Yes, but it must only feature the applicant(s) for the World Ballet Competition.


Should contemporary pieces be on pointe?

Contemporaries do not have to be on pointe. It is recommended to be in a contemporary and/or modern style to demonstrate the dancer's abilities outside of the classical ballet dance style.


Is there a performing time limit on stage?

Yes, please see the requirements listed in the Category you wish to participate in by clicking the "Categories" tab.