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2014 Audience and Participant Comments:

Thank you so much for the tickets. WOW! What an AWESOME show. Both Acts included amazing talent, breath-catching moments, and inspiration. Based on what I saw/heard from the audience, I am certain they also would say the same. I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend. Many thanks.
Jim Bowden
Employee Relations - Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
2014 Grant Panelist of United Arts of Central Florida

Vasile, the privilege was mine to have met you. The performance was incredible! Thank you for that wonderful opportunity!!
Mercedes Fonseca
Aide/Hispanic Outreach
Commissioner Pete Clarke, District 3

Really enjoyed the WBC Orlando All Stars of Dance. Incredible talent, high impact.
Lisa Herring Shumate
Senior Administrative Assistant
State of Florida, Senate

Bravo on a wonderful competition. My daughter and I have both had a enriching and pleasant experience- which is not always the case at competitions! Thank you for all of your thoughtful organization!
Gayle Spitz (Beverly Hills, California)

I have been coming to World Ballet for 4 years now and I love it more and more every year. It's such an amazing and unforgettable experience that stays with you forever. Can't wait till next year!
Tatiana Melendez (Tampa, Florida)

We need MANY more cultural events in Orlando!
Sara Danziger (Winter Park, Florida)

Fascinating behind scenes look - fabulous/well run/organized/classy event.
Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Thank you for a wonderful competition!
Yelena Panchenko (Redwood City, California)

More dance events!
Leesburg, Florida

Thank you for this awesome opportunity to see the competitors and great dancers. It's my fourth year attending in a row.
Windermere, Florida

Have enjoyed our stay in Florida. Very clean facilities and well kept facilities throughout the city. We are just little fish in this big town. Thanks for making feel welcomed.
Nick Cantu (Edinburg, Texas)

I considered the event to be quite well run and of considerable value to participants. Naples, Florida

Tonight's event was absolutely BREATH-TAKING!

Very well-run and coordinated event.
Robert Kirchgessner (Hollywood, Florida)

Have attended since inception. Would not miss it. Enjoy seeing the artistic ability of the young dancers. What a wonderful future for the world of dance.

2013 Audience and Participant Comments:

We look forward to WBC each year. My daughter has competed in it 3 years in a row. In my opinion it is the fairest and best competition around for the pre-professional ballet dancer.
- Orlando, Florida

The World Ballet Competition is a great opportunity to dance with and compete against other dancers from around the world. I can't wait to watch the competition and for my turn to compete. Thanks for hosting this - It's my first time in Florida!
- Peoria, Arizona

Thank you for hosting the World Ballet Competition!
- Phoenix, Arizona

World Ballet needs to stay in Orlando! It is our favorite ballet event. Great competition.
- Tampa, Florida

Have attended this event several times and am glad to see it grow each year. Deserves to be successful.
- Winter Park, Florida

My daughter is very interested in Ballet and becoming a professional. We would like more information about these kinds of events.
- Vero Beach, Florida

I am a dancer myself and I thought this would be a great experience as a dancer.
- Vero Beach, Florida

We are happy you are in Orlando. More publicity in "The Villages". More events in Ballet or Dance.
- The Villages, Florida

Best event in Orlando area.
- College Park, Florida

Great - keep it going.
- De Leon Springs, Florida

I look forward to this all year! It's fantastic! Congratulations!!
- De Leon Springs, Florida

Wonderful experience.
- Orlando, Florida

2012 Audience and Participant Comments:

This is my third year attending, it is an exceptional event.
- Birmingham, Alabama

Wonderful cultural event – for the future artists of America. More attention should be focused on this type of event for younger generations.
Humble, Texas

Great Event!
Casselberry, Florida

Beautifully organized!
Houston, Texas

First of all I wanted to thank you for the great experience we had this year at WBC. Getting back there this year made me realize how good your competition really is, compared to other ones out there. It is great for the kids to have a day break between their rounds, they were never overtired, and at least speaking for my daughter, she had a lot of fun during the week and enjoyed being on stage there. Please tell everyone there how grateful I am for everything.
Phoenix, Arizona

We would like to thank you for your competition! Thank you for giving my son the opportunity to compete and to take classes and meet so many different people. We appreciate how the competition was run and the fairness that is instilled so all competitors have a fair go! And to have danced in the gala was a dream come true for him. Thank you! He has competed many times before and well this experience is one that he will cherish forever. We wish you continued success for the future!
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Just wanted to let you know what an amazing week my son had at the competition. He has not stopped talking about it. Thanks again for an amazing week.
Boca Raton, Florida

We very much enjoyed the ballet competition. Thank you!
Orlando, FL

The arts are extremely important to my daughter’s development, personal growth and self confidence. This competition was a first for her and it was a tremendous accomplishment and a great experience.
Hollywood, FL

This is a most significant opportunity for aspiring young dancers to be seen and evaluated at the highest professional level and should be supported to the maximum financially.
Gardendale, AL

We need this event in Orlando!! Please do not let this event end!
Mt. Dora, Florida

We really enjoyed our stay in Orlando. It was a great experience for our kids.
San Francisco, California

We have been here many times and always enjoyed it.
Leesburg, Florida

Great venue!
West Chester, Ohio

Best ballet in Orlando since Marks left.
Ocoee, Florida

2011 Audience and Participant Comments:

Love the World Ballet Competition & Gala performance! – Christy Friend, Columbia, South Carolina

Want to come back every year for this. - Anonymous

Go ballet! - Anonymous

Great competition! - Anonymous

We have come from St. Petersburg for the last three years. Our party has grown from one to four this year! Wouldn’t miss it for the WORLD!

We need these cultural events very badly. They are extremely enjoyable!
– Elaine Markowitz, Poinciana, Florida

We used the lymmo and enjoyed our city on an early June evening. Thank you for providing this outstanding program.
- Anonymous

It is wonderful to have this event in the Orlando community!
– Helping Angels

Fantastic!! - Anonymous

Wonderful event – what a great addition and representation of Orlando/Orange County Culture – a true international event. Orlando is finally “on the map” culturally with this event.
– Teresa Borker, Orlando, Florida

Very high quality performances – Ross Dutton, Orlando, Florida

Please keep this event in Orlando - Anonymous

Definitely a world class event! - Anonymous

More – it was wonderful. - Anonymous

Fabulous show, please don’t leave!! – Robert Mac

Loved it. Dancing was wonderful. - Anonymous

I hope to return every year. - Anonymous

Vasile, All Stars of Dance was amazing! I have never seen so many standing ovations. How can we help keep this alive in Orlando? What can we do to help?
– Elizabeth Frink

Wonderful show. Thank you for creating such a magical evening!
– Grace Anne Glavin

The Gala was amazing as usual. But the best part was your comments at the end. People can't sit around and expect others like you to create the arts here. We all need to take part in creating and supporting these events. Thank you for all your hard work!
– Cleave Frink

Enjoyed watching WBC on live stream here in Arizona! :)
– Jennifer Crowther-Kelly

WOW!! The WBC Gala was absolutely the Most Incredibly AWESOME show I have EVER seen to date! No joke...I've never enjoyed a show or seen so much talent on one stage in my entire 18 years of life!
- Emily Williams

WBC Gala was amazing!!! So glad I was here to see it!!
– Kailey Withee

The "All Stars Of Dance" was AMAZING!!! I Loved it!!! I have to say this past week has been the best ever! It was a GREAT experience! Hopefully I will be on that stage competing next year :)
– Annette Rivera

Dear Mr. Petrutiu and Mr. Bykov:
This is to thank you for having such a wonderful competition which has a lot of talent to show to the world with great exposure by the internet broadcast ...I really would like to give you a round of applause for making this kind of events possible.
- Ana Wiesner, Escuela Rusa de Ballet, Guayaquil-Ecuador

Thank you for a great competition. On your end you get a gold-it was flawless. We learned a tremendous amount from all the faculty/ judges. Congratulations to you and all your hard work on an excellent competition and gala. The gala was a true delight.
– Mrs. Craddock

Dear WBC Directors: My daughter participated in the pre-professional competition this year, and I'm writing to let you know how much she enjoyed the experience. The judges' Q&A session on Saturday was especially informative and helpful--I hope that you will continue this session in future years. This was my daughter's first real competition, and the judges provided a great deal of helpful advice that will help her become a better dancer and competitor in the future. It was very generous of the judges to take the time to talk with the competitors; we appreciate it! Thank you again for a great experience.
- Christy Friend (Emma Stratton's mom)

Great show, I am 55 years old and I have taught ballroom dancing for 10 years. Seen some of the best but, wow, was I blessed watching the WBC. Thank you again, we will return and are new fans.
-Ken & Mary Smallwood

I really enjoyed the WBC! It was beautiful and I hope you stay in Orlando! Keep up the good work!
– Nira Stein

Thank you for the opportunity you give to us future dancers, to be part of a wonderful artistic and talented event. For me this competition represents a chance to show my talent and to see what is going on in every part of the world. I met dancers my age from the United States, from Singapore, from Dominican Republic, from China. I also had the opportunity to see great dancers of all ages share with them at the Gala and learn form this great experience! This has been the best dance competition ever!

Thanks again for organizing it and especially for having it in Orlando. For us foreign competitors, Orlando is an easy to reach location, and the city is so friendly and family oriented that it makes it fun for everyone to attend. I came here with my coaches and my whole family.

A competition for children should be just like this, in a healthy environment that allows us to focus on our dance, our rehearsals and our competition in a secure, and calm and fun place. Thanks again, I hope I can be part of this competition next year!
- Flavia Carneade

I'm looking forward to June 4th! Thank you for offering this great event in Orlando. I just got tickets for me and my daughter Natalia who is a big fan of the Boston Ballet :)
- Maria

We like to thank you for a great competition experience in Orlando, Florida for the World Ballet Competition 2011! We were amazed by the talent competitors entering in the final and the outstanding performance in the All Stars Dance. We enjoyed the location of this event being held in Orlando, FL, allowing us to compete and also able to enjoy the fun in Orlando area. Please keep the WBC in Orlando, Florida where it has established.
- Dominic Wong

I had a great experience at the competition in 2011. I saw some great techniques and was able to learn myself. It was interesting competing against others and being on the stage. Thank you for this event.
- Kirill Poselyanov

Thank you so much for another great year. This was the 3rd year that I was able to be part of a great event. I love the competition and at the end see a superb star filled gala. I pray that you keep this event in Orlando. I have met so many new friends at the competition that comes from all over the world, we look forward to meet in Orlando every year, it is like a reunion. Thank you, and I hope to see you next year in ORLANDO.
- Emily Slawski

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I just competed for the first time ever in a ballet competition in the introductory category. Preparing for WBC made me a stronger and better dancer. Then to be able to perform at the Bob Carr Theatre in front of all of those great judges and audience members was so exciting. I enjoyed taking the master class on the stage as well. The All Stars of Dance was the best performance seeing all of the pros and winners dance on the same stage. I hope to return next year and that it takes place in Orlando. I had fun, worked hard and learned a great deal to help me get better.
- Katerina Schweitzer, Vero Beach, FL USA

I thank you for a great competition experience in Orlando, Florida for the World Ballet Competition 2011! I made many new friends and was amazed by the talent I saw in the final All Stars of Dance. I have rarely seen an event filled with so much talent! Please keep the WBC in Orlando, Florida where it has established an international dance platform and gives a substantial impact to the economy!
- Anna and Michelle Craddock

Our family would like to express the greatest appreciation and gratitude of having the WBC here in Orlando. First of all, the selfless and endless time all the founders/volunteers gave was a Herculean task!

Next, the element of a world-class competition in our own area has been an invaluable and unique element to our dancer's artistic and emotional development. Not to mention the master classes taught by ballet legends, simply amazing! We would never be able to travel outside our area in these hard economic times, so to be able to afford these opportunities to our dancer has been a true gift.

Last, the All Stars of Dance was a true astonishment! Sitting in the audience I heard many comments around me from members of our community. They all exclaimed how every year this program gets better than the last, though they don't know how they can top excellence! And the opportunity for our community to see these amazing dancers is a treasure! Our community needs much more diversity when it comes to ballet and dance and the WBC is just the remedy for this.
In conclusion, we would like to implore you to keep the WBC here in Orlando and encourage any and all financial assistance to this beneficial program.
- The Leclair Family

2010 Audience and Participant Comments:

When we bought the tickets last night at the last minute we did not expect to be overwhelmed with the perfomances. What fun we had and so very much impressed with talents paraded before us. I am certainly become a member. Last night was also my niece first ballet attendance and she was extremely delighted. We wish you all a continued success and keep up the good work.
- Luz MacArthur

It was a great experience to be able to compete in the 2010 WBC. Being able to meet, see, and make new friends with other dancers was amazing. The whole process of preparing for WBC helps you push beyond your original level and grow as a dancer. Before WBC I had never participated in a competition, but now I can not wait to compete again. What I feel would be a great addition to the competition is personal feedback and general corrections from the judges so that you know what you need to work on.
- Deborah Weatherly-Rosner

Dear WBC, thank you so much for such a wonderful competition experience this past week for our students. The atmosphere was truly very comfortable, professional, and relaxed, and we were thoroughly impressed and satisfied with our time in Orlando. Our students were afforded tremendous opportunities that will no doubt contribute to their long-term success and growth. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience, and we will be in touch soon.
- Hailey Agran

First of all, we had a wonderful time at the competition. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into making it successful and enjoyable.
- Laurie Cutsinger

Just wanted to pass on what a wonderful experience this competition has been. Alex felt it was one of the best experiences of her dance life to date. The Gala was fabulous. The professionalism of the competition was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for the wonderful memories for my daughter.
- Kelly Koszeghy

Dear WBC,

I wanted to personally thank the staff of WBC for such a wonderful experience for our students. It was a great pleasure to spend time with Vladimir and Vasile, and I so appreciate the phenomenal job you are doing with this competition.

The organization and atmosphere were very professional, and it was very helpful that each student received personal stage time. In addition, it was nice to see the scores immediately following each competitor, and the judging was truly very objective and honest in awarding the medals and places. It would be great to see more ensembles in the future, as well as potentially separate categories for males and females as it is difficult at times for them to compete together. Also, perhaps having a clear description of what the expectations are for contemporary pieces would help us, and everyone else, greatly in the future.

I would love to see this competition continue to grow and prosper, as I'm sure it will; please know that our school would be more than willing to help in any way we can with any aspect of future growth. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience; we had a lovely time in Orlando, and are greatly looking forward to working with you again in the near future.
- Alyona B. Yakovleva

As a competitor in this year's World Ballet Competition, I want to thank you again for the chance to compete. It was a really good opportunity.
- Rebecca Cornett

Amazing – more performances.
- Anonymous

What a treasure! Thank you for holding this in Orlando!
- Lilybet Sep

I enjoyed this Gala very much (2nd time I’ve attended). Drove from St. Pete just for the event. Keep up the good work. I’ve been watching the live streaming on the internet. Very good – told a friend he could get an idea of what I enjoy about ballet by watching the live streaming.
- Bill Weiss

I judge music competitions in the Southeast. This is the best organized and most efficiently run competition I have seen. Kudos to Vasile Petrutiu and Vladimir Bykov.
- Leslie Fillmer/Alabama Ballet Music Director

We really enjoyed the World Ballet Competition.
- Tiffany Poth

World Ballet Competition. A fabulous event every year! Let’s keep it here in the arca. Can we also try to bring back Orlando Opera. Big Fan!
- Melissa D’Avanzo

2009 Audience and Participant Comments:

Vasile, CONGRATULATIONS on a wonderful event!!!!! I am honored, once again, to have been asked to assist. Thank you for bringing such an event to Orlando and for allowing me to be a small part of helping to make it a success. I didn't think last year's Gala could be any better, as how do you improve on great; and then came this year's and I was wrong -- is there such a thing as super-great? If so you did it.
Your friend,

Dear Mr. Petrutiu: We want to congratulate you for the amazing quality of the competition. We have been following it through livestream.com and honestly it has been remarkably organized.
- Carolina Pascual

Thank you for giving my daughter a great competition opportunity. I really appreciate your guys' hard work and dedication to this wonderful competition experience. Thank you.
- Koichi Kamikusa

This event will serve to elevate the perception of the arts in our community on state-wide and national levels as Central Florida Ballet is known for its adherence to the highest artistic standards.
- Mark Fischer, General Manager & Principal Horn – Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

It was a great experience to participate in the 2009 World Ballet Competition. My daughter Agnes Su and all other family members had a great time, especially watching the Gala which was one of the best we ever attended. Great job!
- Susan Zhang

With competitors of high quality, many coming from other top ballet competitions, the rounds of each competition were marked by exemplary technique and artistry. Still amazed by the multitude of talented competitors, I was not prepared for the Gala of the Stars, which could have been an event all by itself.
- Mihaela Vieru, Owner/Publisher - Dance for You Magazine

The new and fresh World Ballet Competition will exist for many years because of its fair and unique way of scoring and fantastic, professional organization. I thank the World Ballet Competition for the wonderful chance to truly perform. This is definitely how all ballet competitions should be.
- Joseph Gatti

Congratulations on another wonderful competition week and gala!
- Deedee Sherman

Thank you for putting on this wonderful competition. These events really do help the students/dancers grow.
- Barry M. Trammell

Thank you for your wonderful competition. I am enjoying the online broadcast and I love seeing the scores. Your competition broadcast is one-of-a-kind.
- Carolyn Anacan Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Vasile, congratulations on a wonderful showcase performance on Saturday. I was blown away by the talent at that performance. Bravo!
-  Scott T. Evans, Director - Orange County Arts Education Center

Greetings, Vasile. Again, my heartfelt thanks to you for inviting me to participate in the incredible World Ballet Competition - Gala of the Stars. I often tell people my association with Alabama Ballet and the Alabama Symphony has been the greatest joy of my professional life, but having the opportunity to work with the phenomenal and artistically sensitive musicians of the Orlando Philharmonic along with the Stars was quite beyond my imagination! Our love to you, your staff and the wonderful people who are so dedicated to Central Florida Ballet and the World Ballet Competition. Best wishes for even bigger and better successes in the future and thanks again for your kind consideration and hospitality. Hope we can get together again very soon.
- Les Fillmer, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor

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