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2017 Finals Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 World Ballet Competition held in Orlando, Florida from June 18-24!


*Click here to view scholarship awards*


Regina Alessandria (Panama) of Maruja Herrera Ballet Academy
Noah Campbell (USA) of Salt Creek Ballet
Isabella Iannuzzi (USA) of The Art of Classical Ballet
Ella Kolpakov (USA) of MorningStar Dance Academy
Emma Lin (USA) of Bravissimo Dance Studio
Michelle Lin (USA) of Westlake School for the Performing Arts
Maria Missagia (Brazil) of Conservatario Brasileiro de Danza
Airi Nakanishi (Singapore) of Cheng Ballet Academy
Carol Navarro (Panama) of Maruja Herrera Ballet Academy
Devon Stutz (USA) of Classic Dance Academy


Silver Medal & Cash Prize of $300, #185, Noah Campbell (USA)

Bronze Medal & $100 Cash Prize, #143, Emma Lin (USA)
Bronze Medal & $100 Cash Prize, #146, Ella Kolpakov (USA)
Silver Medal & $300 Cash Prize, #152, Isabella Iannuzzi (USA)
Gold Medal & $400 Cash Prize, #168, Michelle Lin (USA)

Abra Geiger (USA) of Draper Center for Dance Education
Seoyeon Hong (South Korea) of Sunhwa Arts School
Soomin Kim (South Korea) of Sunhwa Arts School
Kali Kleiman (USA) of The Dallas Conservatory
Marisa McDonald (USA) of Triangle Academy of Dance
Mai Minengo (Singapore) of Cheng Ballet Academy
Martina Miro (Spain) of Escola de Dansa de Alaro
Elizabeth Nip (USA) of Westlake School for the Performing Arts
Trinity Santoro (USA) of Faubourg School of Ballet
Kenzo Seah (Singapore) of Cheng Ballet Academy


Silver Medal & Cash Prize of $400, #281, Kenzo Seah (Singapore)

Bronze Medal & $300 Cash Prize, #240, Yunju Lee (South Korea)
Silver Medal & $400 Cash Prize, #263, Soomin Kim (South Korea)
Silver Medal & $400 Cash Prize, #219, Kali Kleiman (USA)
Gold Medal & $800 Cash Prize, #212, Trinity Santoro (USA)

Alexis Bull (USA) of Coastal Dance Centre
Amanda Hall (USA) of Pembroke Ballet
Reira Ikeda (Singapore) of Cheng Ballet Academy
Yerim Lee (South Korea) of Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C.
Gabriele Lukasik (USA) of Classic Dance Academy
Harold Mendez (USA) of Sarasota Cuban Ballet School
Aurora Naatjes (USA) of Ballet Academy of Central Florida
Julia Shugart (USA) of All American Classical Ballet School
Avery Tessmer (USA) of The Art of Classical Ballet
Ellie Wong (USA) of MorningStar Dance Academy


Gold Medal & $1,500 Cash Prize, #394, Harold Mendez (USA)

Bronze Medal & $750 Cash Prize, #325, Gabriele Lukasik (USA)

Ryland Acree III (USA) of Roanoke Ballet Theatre
Diego Altamirano (USA) of City Ballet School
Lorenna Calheiros (Brazil) of Balletarrj Escola de Danca
Davi Chagas (Brazil) of of Balletarrj Escola de Danca
Harold Cueto Megret (Cuba) of Ballet Nacional de Cuba
Francois Llorente (Cuba) of Sarasota Cuban Ballet School 
Sophie Miklosovic (USA) of The Art of Classical Ballet
Sakura Oka (Japan) of Ecole de Ballet MU
Alison Tatsuoka (USA) of International Ballet Theater Academy
Sophie Williams (USA) of Ballet Arte Academy of Classical Ballet


Bronze Medal & $1,000 Cash Prize, #488, Davi Chagas (Brazil)
Silver Medal & $1,500 Cash Prize, #482, Diego Altamirano (USA)
Gold Medal & $3,000 Cash Prize, #480, Francois Llorente (Cuba)

Special Mention & $250 Cash Prize, #473, Lorenna Calheiros (Brazil)
Bronze Medal & $1,000 Cash Prize, #430, Sakura Oka (Japan)
Gold Medal & $3,000 Cash Prize, #426, Sophie Miklosovic (USA)

Silver Medalists & $1,000 Cash Prize, #560, Sayaka Ishibashi (Japan) & Boris Ceballos (Colombia)


Special Mention, #653, Maruja Herrera Ballet Academy (Panama) for "Mascarade"
Special Mention, #627, Orlando International School of Dance (USA) for "This Bitter Earth"
Bronze Medal & $600 Cash Prize, #652 Classic Dance Academy for “Odalisque Pas de Trois from Le Corsaire"

"Speaking in Tongues" choreographed by Mark Godden / performed by Sophie Miklosovic #426

Hsienfa Cheng (Singapore) of Cheng Ballet Academy for teaching Competitor #281

Sunhwa Arts School (South Korea)

2017 Accepted Competitors

Congratulations to the following dancers who have been selected to compete at the 2017 World Ballet Competition USA! This year's 11th Annual World Finals will be held from June 19-24 in Orlando, Florida at the Linda Chapin Theater in the Orange County Convention Center. 


Photo by Virginia Trudeau

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Competitors of the 2017 World Ballet Competition Finals:

First Name Last Name Country Representing
Isabella Abasolo United States
Ryland Acree III United States
Leticia Alcici Brazil
Regina  Alessandria Panama
Kenny Allen United States
Ana  Almeida  Brazil
Diego Altamirano United States
Isabella  Alvarado Panama
Natalia Alves Brazil
Malena  Ani United States
Gabriela Antunano Mexico
Eryca Araujo Brazil
Julia Barros Brazil
Victoria  Barros Brazil
Abigail Batts United States
Isabelle Batts United States
Hannah Baugher United States
Leticia Belchior Brazil
Juliana Bellissimo United States
Ava Bernardi United States
Isabella Bertellotti United States
Maria Rita  Bertolucci Brazil
Nicole Brenes Panama
Summer Brown United States
Alexis Bull United States
Lorenna Calheiros Brazil
Ana  Calvo Panama
Noah Campbell United States
Savannah Campbell United States
Isabella Campisi United States
Gabriela  Carvalho Brazil
Camille Castillo Panama
Boris  Ceballos United States
Davi Chagas Brazil
Makena Chase United States
Jasmine Chen United States
Leo Jun Hong Cheng Singapore
Heewon Cho South Korea
Kaeli Coleman United States
Julia Cornetti Brazil
Emma Crow United States
Harold  Cueto Megret Cuba
Kylee Curcio United States
Paulo da Cunha Brazil
Monica  Delgado United States
Anais Di Filippo Venezuela
Alexander Dunn United States
Gwenivere Durand United States
Ana  Espinosa Panama
Elen  Eugenio Brazil
Yasmin Fabiano Brazil
Brady  Farrar United States
Isadora Faustino Brazil
Sofia  Fernandes Brazil
Emiliana Fernandez Venezuela
Julia Ferreira Brazil
Katlyn Ferreira Brazil
Gabriella  Garavelo-Bortoleto United States
Geovanna  Garavelo-Bortoleto United States
Abra Geiger United States
Sophie Gilpin United States
Margarita Gladysheva United States
Madeline Glinski United States
Ana Goncalves Brazil
Olivia  Green United States
Amanda Hall United States
Evelyn Hartanto Indonesia
Isabella  Herrera Panama
Ava Hinton United States
Seoyeon Hong South Korea
Emma Huerta United States
Isabella Iannuzzi United States
Andy  Iglesias  United States
Reira Ikeda Singapore
Sayaka  Ishibashi Japan
Masanao Ito United States
Leticia  Jayme Brazil
Keiko Jones Panama
Anna Joy United States
Bianca Juelg Australia
Stella Kang Indonesia
Grace Kang United States
Breena Keefe United States
Soomin Kim South Korea
Briana Kirchgessner United States
Kali Kleiman United States
Luiza  Kobbaz Brazil
Rafaela  Kobbaz Brazil
Khaiyom Kodzhaev United States
Ella Kolpakov United States
Sophia Kourtoglou United States
Yunju Lee South Korea
Yerim Lee South Korea
Jeongmin Lee South Korea
Chelsea Li United States
Christine Li China
Vivian  Li United States
Jannie Li United States
Jessica Lima Brazil
Emma Lin United States
Michelle Lin United States
Caroline Linehan United States
Francois Llorente Cuba
Luana Helena Luca Brazil
Hing Wing Luk Hong Kong
Maya Lukasik United States
Gabriele Lukasik United States
Kyawzwa Jeremy Lwin United States
Hanna Manka United States
Isabella  Marcondes Brazil
Paola  Marcondes Brazil
Faith Marshall United States
Olivia McCracken United States
Marisa McDonald United States
Sophia Mello Brazil
Harold Mendez United States
Sophie Miklosovic United States
Lilian Miller United States
Mai Minengo Singapore
Martina Miro Spain
Julia Miro Spain
Maria Missagia Brazil
Katia Molina United States
Wenzori Moody United States
Natali Moreira Brazil
Lilly Morris United States
Aurora Naatjes United States
Karen Nakagawa United States
Airi Nakanishi Singapore
Carol Navarro Panama
Desiree Nguyen Austria
Isabel Nichoson United States
Elizabeth Nip United States
Elisa Noia Brazil
Alexia Norris United States
Shiori Ohama United States
Sakura Oka Japan
Emily Okabe United States
Gabriela Oliveira Brazil
Forrest Rain Oliveros  United States
Alexei Orohovsky United States
Dain Park South Korea
Andrea Parrilla Panama
Nara Carolina Pella Brazil
Rubia  Pellegrino Brazil
Roberta Pereira Brazil
Maria Pinto Brazil
Angelique Pupke United States
Gina  Quiodettis Panama
Cecilia Rabelo Brazil
Lilian Raiol Brazil
Paloma Ramirez Argentina
Julia Ramos Brazil
Anna Ravagnani Brazil
Erica  Raver  United States
Jessica Restivo United States
Daniel Rodriguez Rittoles Cuba
Gabrielle Romano-Toppetta United States
Bennett Ross United States
Savanna Ross United States
Vivian  Ruiz United States
Desiree Santiago United States
Maria  Santiago Brazil
Trinity Santoro United States
Maria Antonia Santos Brazil
Sophie Savas-Carstens  United States
Veenesh Saxena India
Shivani Saxena India
Jillian Schubert United States
Kenzo  Seah Singapore
Jisu Seo South Korea
Sydni Shamoun United States
Maria  Sheffer Panama
Julia Shugart United States
Giulia  Silva Brazil
Francesca Siudela United States
Elizabeth Smith United States
Mariana Souza Brazil
Isabela Souza Brazil
Julia  Souza Brazil
Mira Sparks United States
Quinn  Starner  United States
Devon Stutz United States
Ricako Suzuki United States
Natalie Tatar United States
Alison Tatsuoka United States
Paula Teixeira Brazil
Avery Tessmer United States
Charlene Tisnabudi Indonesia
Anna Giulia Toffoli Brazil
Izabella Tokev United States
Camila  Torino Brazil
Katerina Torp Finland
Celyna  Tran United States
Giovana Trevizani Brazil
Saki Tsuruta United States
Natalia Velarde Panama
Elisabeth Welsh United States
Flannery Werner United States
Kendall Wheeler United States
Karen Wijaya Indonesia
Sophie Williams United States
Lydia Wirth United States
Ellie Wong United States
Lydia Wu United States
Akihiro Yoshimoto United States
Hana Yoshitomi Singapore
Yasmin  Zandona Brazil
Sandy Zeng United States
Hannah Zuo United States

2016 Daily Schedule

MONDAY, JUNE 19    4:00-10:30pm     
*Preparatory Category (Group 1) Round I: Classical 1 and Contemporary 1 (Eliminating Round)
*Pre-Professional Category (Group 1) Round I: Classical Solo 1 and Contemporary 1 (Eliminating Round)
TUESDAY, JUNE 20   4:00-10:30pm    
*Preparatory Category (Group 2) Round I: Classical 1 and Contemporary 1 (Eliminating Round)
*Pre-Professional Category (Group 2) Round I: Classical 1 and Contemporary 1 (Eliminating Round)
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21        3:00-8:45pm
*Pre-Professional Category- Round II: Classical 2  (Eliminating Round)
*Professional Category - Round I: Classical 1 and Contemporary 1 (Eliminating Round)
THURSDAY, JUNE 22   3:00-7:15pm
*Introductory Category - One Round: Classical Solo 1 & 2 (Final Round)
*Preparatory Category - Round II: 2nd Ballet Solo (Final Round)
*Professional Category - Round II: Classical 2 (Eliminating Round)
FRIDAY, JUNE 23     3:00-7:30pm
*Pre and Professional Category - Round III: Classical 3
*Pre and Professional Category - Round III: Classical 4 (Final Round)
*Groups: Pas de Deux & Ensembles - Final Round
SATURDAY, JUNE 24    5:00-6:00pm    
Award Ceremony

 *Note: Schedule subject to changes at any time

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The venue for the World Ballet Competition 2021, Orange County Convention Center, is wheelchair accessible. For futher information on Assistance for Guests with disabilities, please click here.