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Finals Winners - Year 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the 14th Annual World Ballet Competition held in Orlando, Florida from June 20-25, 2021! This edition attracted participants representing 20 countries and 26 states. Winning dancers were awarded more than $350,000 in scholarships, cash prizes, job contracts and dance apparel.


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*Please contact the school/company by phone or email to receive your full scholarship details*

Top 12 Female & Male Dancers

114 Minori De Silva (USA) of MorningStar Dance Academy
120 Fatima Bodden (Panama) of Conservatorio de Danzas Panama
104 Ana Blanco (Mexico) of Chasse Ballet
118 Constanza Medina Salcedo (Mexico) of Ballet Clasico Aguascalienetes
100 Aubrey Daniels (USA) of Mitsi Dancing School
115 Skylar Reeve (USA) of Atlanta Professional Dance Academy
110 Ayaka Kawaguchi (USA) of iBallet Studio
126 Ana Corey (USA) of iBallet Studio
109 Mariana Ruiz Aviles (Mexico) of Chasse Ballet
124 Natalie Owstrowiak (Panama) of Academia de Danzas Steps
108 Emma Corey (USA) of iBallet Studio
119 Marian Saldana Balboa (Mexico) of Corpus Danza
183 Kai Cortez (USA) of Ramon Moreno School of Ballet



Bronze Medal & $150 Cash Prize / #183 Kai Cortez (USA)


Honorable Mention by the Jury / #110 Ayaka Kawaguchi (USA)
Honorable Mention by the Jury / #115 Skylar Reeve (USA)
Bronze Medal & $150 Cash Prize / #100 Aubrey Daniels (USA)
Bronze Medal & $150 Cash Prize / #118 Constanza Medina Salcedo (Mexico)
Silver Medal & $250 Cash Prize / #104 Ana Blanco (Mexico)
Silver Medal & $250 Cash Prize / #120 Fatima Bodden (Panama)
Gold Medal & $500 Cash Prize / #114 Minori De Silva (USA)

Top 12 Female & Male Dancers

216 Taylor Tatiana Andre (USA) of All American Classical Ballet School
246 Mai Ishiyama (USA) of Amirian Ballet Academy & Peninsula School of Performing Arts
224 Linzi Huang (USA) of MorningStar Dance Academy
220 Zoe Acosta Brown Deal (USA) of Vitacca School for Dance
204 Charlize Hardwick (USA) of Bayer Ballet Academy
238 Adeline Dunlap (USA) of Elite Classical Coaching
212 DiDi Gunness (USA) of St Lucie Ballet
242 Alia Farnell (USA) of St Lucie Ballet
202 Yunxin Lin (USA) of MorningStar Dance Academy
248 Camilla Montano Durand (USA) of All American Classical Ballet School
219 Kaylee Meinholdt (USA) of Elite Classical Coaching
230 Cristina Arias (Panama) of Academia de Danzas Steps
292 Yevgeni Gorboulev (USA) of Olympic Ballet School
295 Quinn Dunmore (USA) of Plainfield Dance Academy
288 Nathan Bock (USA) of St Lucie Ballet



Bronze Medal & $150 Cash Prize / #288 Nathan Bock (USA)
Bronze Medal & $150 Cash Prize / #295 Quinn Dunmore (USA)
Silver Medal & $400 Cash Prize / #292 Yevgeni Gorboulev (USA)


Honorable Mention by the Jury / #212 Didi Gunness (USA)
Honorable Mention by the Jury / #238 Adeline Dunlap (USA)
Bronze Medal & $150 Cash Prize / #204 Charlize Hardwick (USA)
Bronze Medal & $150 Cash Prize / #220 Zoe Acosta Brown Deal (USA)
Silver Medal & $300 Cash Prize / #224 Linzi Huang (USA)
Silver Medal & $300 Cash Prize / #246 Mai Ishiyama (USA)
Gold Medal & $600 Cash Prize / #216 Taylor Tatiana Andre (USA)

Top 12 Female & Male Dancers

353 Maya Schonbrun (USA) of Master Ballet Academy
321 Alexis Workowski (USA) of United Ballet Theatre
330 Isabella McCool (USA) of St. Lucie Ballet
356 Kaylyn Zhong (USA) of MorningStar Dance Academy
340 Marissa Mattingly (USA) of All American Classical Ballet School
305 Kylie Dyson (USA) of All American Classical Ballet School
320 Ava Zisko (USA) of West Point Ballet
327 Isabella Meier (USA) of Elite Classical Coaching
359 Skylin Helms (USA) of Elite Classical Coaching
365 Jada Bryant (USA) of Vitacca Vocational School for Dance
349 Lola Mackiewicz (USA) of Elite Classical Coaching
328 Elizabeth Feng (USA) of MorningStar Dance Academy
398 Jett Lecamu (USA) of University of North Carolina School of the Arts
387 Cruz Vining (USA) of Master Ballet Academy



Bronze Medal & $400 Cash Prize / #387 Cruz Vining (USA)
Silver Medal & $700 Cash Prize / #398 Jett Lecamu (USA)


Honorable Mention by the Jury / #327 Isabella Meier (USA)
Bronze Medal & $300 Cash Prize / #340 Marissa Mattingly (USA)
Bronze Medal & $300 Cash Prize / #356 Kaylyn Zhong (USA
Silver Medal & $400 Cash Prize / #330 Isabella McCool (USA)
Silver Medal & $400 Cash Prize / #321 Alexis Workowski (USA)
Gold Medal & $1,000 Cash Prize / #353 Maya Schonbrun (USA)


Overall Finalists Female & Male Dancers

434 EmmaRose Forbus (USA) - Independent
442 McKenzie Thomas (USA) of Master Ballet Academy
425 Mary Grace Koznarek (USA) of Hinsdale Dance Academy
414 Kurumi Miwa (USA) of Manassas Ballet Theatre
440 Madison Braaksma (USA) of St. Lucie Ballet
428 Regan Foster (USA) of Master Ballet Academy
438 Nare Markosyan (Armenia) of Opera and Ballet Theatre of Armenia
443 Johana Morales (Mexico) of DanzaAM Estudio
437 Carrington Moser (USA) of Ballet Conservatory of Atlanta
487 Chase Vining (USA) of Master Ballet Academy
489 Daniel Ayala (USA) of St. Lucie Ballet
493 Benjamin Dunlap (USA) of Master Ballet Academy



Honorable Mention by the Jury / #493 Benjamin Dunlap (USA)
Honorable Mention by the Jury / #489 Daniel Ayala (USA)
Silver Medal & $1,000 Cash Prize / #487 Chase Vining (USA)


Bronze Medal & $ 500 Cash Prize / #434 EmmaRose Forbus (USA)
Bronze Medal & $ 500 Cash Prize / #442 McKenzie Thomas (USA)


608 All American Classical Ballet School (USA) "Quantum"
614 All American Classical Ballet School (USA) "Essence"
616 Atlanta Professional Dance Academy (USA) "Calligraphy"
602 Amirian Ballet Academy (USA) "Ocean and Pearls"
609 Atlanta Professional Dance Academy (USA) "The Year of 2020"
600 Atlanta Professional Dance Academy (USA) "Primavera"
610 Amirian Ballet Academy (USA) "La Bayadere"
612 American Ballet Theatre JKO School Graduates (Germany) "Our Blues"
604 The Dallas Conservatory (USA) "Spring


Bronze Medal & $500 Cash Prize / #609 Atlanta Professional Dance Academy (USA)
"The Year of 2020"

Bronze Medal & $500 Cash Prize / #602 Amirian Ballet Academy (USA)
"Ocean And Pearls"

Silver Medal & $1,000 Cash Prize / #616 Atlanta Professional Dance Academy (USA)

Gold Medal & $1,000 Cash Prize / #614 All American Classical Ballet School (USA)

Gold Medal & $1,000 Cash Prize / #608 All American Classical Ballet School (USA)


Master Ballet Academy (Arizona, USA)


Catherine Lewellen of Elite Classical Coaching (Texas, USA)

Slawomir Wozniak and Irena Wozniak of Master Ballet Academy (Arizona, USA)


"Essence" performed by Competitor #614
Choreographed by Gissell Durand

2021 Jury

World Ballet Competition 2021 Finals: The Jury

Watch the World Ballet Competition from June 21-25 in person at the Orange County Convention Center's Linda Chapin Theater (Buy Tickets) or watch live online by clicking here.


American Ballet Theatre/Principal Dancer
Of Purchase, New York, Skylar Brandt began her training with teachers Diana White and Christian Claessens at Scarsdale Ballet Studio. She also studied with Valentina Kozlova, Fabrice Herrault, Susan Jaffe, Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky. She attended the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre under the direction of Franco De Vita, was a National Training Scholar and also received the Bender Foundation Scholarship. Brandt was a silver medalist at Youth America Grand Prix in 2004 and 2008. Brandt joined the ABT Studio Company in 2009, became an apprentice with the main Company in 2010 and joined the corps de ballet in 2011. She was appointed a Soloist in 2015 and a Principal Dancer in 2020. Brandt was awarded a 2013 Princess Grace Foundation-USA Dance Fellowship. That same year, she was featured in the film Ballet’s Greatest Hits. In 2018, Brandt was the recipient of an unprecedented Special Jury Award for her performances on the Russian television show “Big Ballet.”


International Ballet Master
A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Zhanna Dubrovskaya trained at the famed Vaganova Ballet Academy and graduated with honors in 1968. She studied with the renowned O. Yordan and V. Kostrovitskaya. For more than 20 years, Madame Dubrovskaya was a soloist with the Choreographic Miniatures Company, led by L. Yacobson, and the Maly Theatre of Opera and Ballet (St. Petersburg State Ballet). She has performed throughout the world, extensively in Europe and Asia. Madame Dubrovskaya holds a master’s degree in teaching, coaching and choreographing from the St. Petersburg Ballet Academy. In 1991, she became a Principal Teacher and Ballet Mistress at the Colorado Ballet Academy and Company. In 1998, she assumed the position of Artistic Director of the Salt Creek Ballet School and Company. She is internationally respected for her preservation of the purity, musicality and aesthetics of the Russian classical ballet technique and traditions.


Pennsylvania Ballet/Assistant Director
Samantha Dunster trained under direction of Cristina Pora in Toronto and at the National Ballet of Cuba. In 1996, she joined Bale da Ilha in Brazil as Artistic Director and Principal Dancer. In 2000, Dunster became Ballet Mistress of Orlando Ballet and Assistant to the Artistic Director in 2007. She accepted the position of Chair/Artistic Director of the Hartt School Community Division Dance Department at the University of Hartford in 2011 where she founded the Pre-Professional Company, HarttWorks and the Summer Intensive ‘From Studio to Stage'. Dunster began her tenure as Ballet Mistress at Pennsylvania Ballet in November 2014 and was appointed Assistant Director in November 2015.


American Ballet Theatre’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School/Master Teacher
Robert La Fosse was invited by Jerome Robbins to join the New York City Ballet in 1986 as a principal dancer after a nine-year career with American Ballet Theatre where he danced leading roles in many of the full-length classics. For the Broadway stage, Mr. La Fosse starred in Bob Fosse’s Dancin’ and Jerome Robbins’ Broadway, for which he received a 1989 Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical. In addition to his performing career, Mr. La Fosse is also an established choreographer who has created over 100 works for ballet, opera, musical theater, film and television. He currently teaches at American Ballet Theatre’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School.



Graz Ballet, Westchester Ballet/Director
Jean Logrea trained at the Choreographic Institute in Cluj, Romania before joining the Cluj Opera House as both a principal dancer and instructor for the affiliate school. For nine years he was entrusted with a class of especially talented students, all of whom are now dancing internationally with major companies. He was a principal dancer with the Graz Opera House for seven years before becoming the Co-Director of the Logrea Dance Academy in Ossining, NY and the Co-Artistic Director of Westchester Ballet Company.



Ballet International/Director
Evie Peña-Shives began studying dance with Danish ballerina Grethe Sullivan and earned her formal ballet training with the Harkness Ballet School in New York City. She forged a ballet career dancing professionally with several companies, including Milwaukee Ballet, Minnesota Dance Theatre, Ballet Austin, and Tulsa Ballet Theatre. In 2012 she was honored with the Patron of the Arts Award from Chicago’s Our Lady of Mount Carmel. She has been on faculty with several dance institutions including the School of Ballet Chicago and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Shives holds a Master’s Degree in Education from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Chatham College in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a life-long educator that has also worked in journalism and public relations. She taught at the Walt Disney Magnet School in Chicago, an institution that embraced her passion for the arts. Evie Peña--Shives resides in Texas where she continues to teach for the Austin Independent School District.

TV Personality & Host
Catrinel Sandu studied at the Choreography High School, “Dinu Lipatti” and obtained her masters in Choreography from the National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale", both in Bucharest, Romania. She danced professionally for over 20 years, including time with the Romanian National Opera and the ballet company Orion. During her career in Romania’s mainstream media, Catrinel was the choreographer for many popular TV shows, and competed in “Dansez pentru tine” (Dancing with the Stars). She also judged TV dance shows such as “Yes, We Can Dance” and professional ballet competitions in Romania. She is currently co-director of Turning Pointe Ballet Company from Manatee School For the Arts.


Ballet International/Founder and Director
Willy Shives has been recognized as one of the most charismatic dancers of his time and declared by the New York Times as “an astounding dancer.” He danced his way into an enduring and award-winning professional career that included companies in New York, Chicago, Austin, Tulsa, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. Shives held a brilliant 16-year tenure with the Joffrey Ballet, first as a leading dancer before moving into the role of ballet master. He was named Chicagoan of the Year in 2003 and continues to receive recognition for his artistry. He is a coach and répétiteur, serving both the Gerald Arpino Foundation and Antony Tudor Trust. Shives has created over a dozen original works and reconstructed and restaged several full-length ballets. He directed the ballet in San Antonio from 2015 to 2018 and is the founder and director of Ballet International.


Pennsylvania Ballet/Director of Pennsylvania Ballet II
Eddy Tovar trained at the National Ballet School in Havana. He began his professional career in Brazil at the Bale do Estado de Goias before joining the Orlando Ballet under the direction of Bruce Marks and the late Fernando Bujones. Eddy rose through the ranks of Orlando Ballet to that of principal dancer, while also serving as the resident guest artist of the Los Angeles Ballet. He retired from the stage after dancing for Texas Ballet Theater as a principal dancer, under the direction of Ben Stevenson. Eddy has performed principal roles in virtually every full-length classic ballet, including roles in works by George Balanchine and Twyla Tharp. As well, he has won numerous medals in competitions all around the world and appeared as a guest on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”. Eddy is currently the artistic coordinator and ballet master for PBII. He is married and has a daughter.


2021 Competitors List

Congratulations to the following dancers who have been selected to compete in the 2021 World Ballet Competition! This year's 14th Annual World Finals will be held from June 20-25 at the Orange County Convention Center's Linda Chapin Theater in Orlando, Florida.

All Competition Rounds, Award Ceremony and Gala Performance are open for public viewing in person at the theater (Buy Competition Tickets Here • Buy Gala Tickets Here). All Competition Rounds and the Award Ceremony will also be broadcast live online at livestream.com/worldballetcompetition.

List of Soloist Dancers

First Name Last Name Soloist Category Country Representing
Davelyn  Abraham Introductory Category Indonesia
Zoe Acosta-Brown Deal Preparatory Category United States
Brooke Albee Pre-Professional Category United States
Camila Ambrueso Pre-Professional Category Argentina
Taylor-Tatiana Andre Preparatory Category United States
Mia Antoniou Preparatory Category Australia
Lia Aramyan Pre-Professional Category Armenia
Cristina Arias Preparatory Category Panama
Daniel  Ayala Professional Category United States
Mallory Baggs Preparatory Category United States
Viktorya Balayan Professional Category Armenia
Meredith  Barajas Ibarra Pre-Professional Category Mexico
Manon Baranger Pre-Professional Category Australia
Tristan Barron Professional Category United States
Anna  Bassett Professional Category United States
Jacinta Berrigan Pre-Professional Category Australia
Fay Bertrand Professional Category Canada
Ana Blanco Introductory Category Mexico
Nathan Bock Preparatory Category United States
Fatima Bodden Introductory Category Panama
Gabriella Bortoleto Professional Category United States
Elizabeth  Bortz Preparatory Category United States
Natalia Bovio Professional Category Mexico
Madison Braaksma Professional Category United States
Jadon Branner Pre-Professional Category United States
Summer Brown Pre-Professional Category United States
Jada Bryant Pre-Professional Category United States
Juliana Bryk Professional Category United States
Idelle Lauryn Buhia Professional Category Philippines
Emma  Butterworth Pre-Professional Category United States
Sophia Carbonara Preparatory Category United States
Celeste Castillo Preparatory Category United States
Karla  Ceballos Pre-Professional Category Panama
Katie Cerny Pre-Professional Category United States
Yoojung Chae Pre-Professional Category South Korea
Audrey Chao Pre-Professional Category United States
Aidan Charboneau Preparatory Category United States
Sophia  Cherr Introductory Category United States
Izelle Chia Introductory Category Malaysia
Rebecca Chichon Pre-Professional Category Canada
Athena Hong Jie Chua Introductory Category Singapore
Nami Chung-Vastine Preparatory Category United States
Phoebe Rose Claeys Introductory Category United States
Mary Coon Professional Category United States
Kayli Copeland Pre-Professional Category United States
Emma Corey Introductory Category United States
Ana Corey Introductory Category United States
Kai Cortez Introductory Category United States
Kiko Cortez Pre-Professional Category United States
Sarah Crotty Pre-Professional Category United States
 Beatriz  da Silva Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Aubrey Daniels Introductory Category United States
Minori De Silva Introductory Category United States
Allegra De Vecchi Preparatory Category United States
Zoe Dieringer Pre-Professional Category United States
Danielle Dreis Professional Category United States
Adeline Dunlap Preparatory Category United States
Benjamin Dunlap Professional Category United States
Quinn Dunmore Preparatory Category United States
Victoria Dutari Pre-Professional Category Panama
Kylie Dyson Pre-Professional Category United States
Mia Eilon Introductory Category United States
Katya Ellenis Pre-Professional Category United States
Chloe Exline Professional Category United States
Alia Farnell Preparatory Category United States
Elizabeth Feng Pre-Professional Category United States
Fatima  Fernandez Pre-Professional Category Panama
Helena Fernandez Pre-Professional Category Colombia
Diana  Fisher Pre-Professional Category United States
Jolene Fisher Pre-Professional Category Australia
EmmaRose Forbus Professional Category United States
Regan Forster Professional Category United States
Anna Foy Pre-Professional Category United States
Yuzuka Fuchinoue Pre-Professional Category United States
Marina Galon Preparatory Category Brazil
Alexandra Garza Introductory Category United States
Emily Gilchrist Pre-Professional Category United States
Izabella Gonzalez Preparatory Category United States
Yevgeni Gorboulev Preparatory Category United States
Sonja Griffin Pre-Professional Category United States
DiDi Gunness Preparatory Category United States
MacKenzie Hand Preparatory Category United States
Charlize Hardwick Preparatory Category United States
Matilda Hartung Introductory Category United States
August Hartung Professional Category United States
Skylin Helms Pre-Professional Category United States
Jocelyn Herstone Preparatory Category United States
Kira  Hickman Professional Category United States
Helen Hong Pre-Professional Category United States
Linzi Huang Preparatory Category United States
Tatum Huber Pre-Professional Category United States
Mio Ichikawa Introductory Category Japan
Anna Inchausti Pre-Professional Category United States
Mai Ishiyama Preparatory Category United States
Lanie Jackson Professional Category United States
Hannah  Jiang Pre-Professional Category United States
Ayaka Kawaguchi Introductory Category United States
Ashley Keil Introductory Category Australia
Katie Kelley Professional Category United States
Veronica Khafif Preparatory Category Panama
Grace Kim Professional Category United States
Kaitaro Kodama Professional Category United States
Yulianna Kowalczyk Pre-Professional Category United States
Mary Grace Koznarek Professional Category United States
Eri Kusakabe Professional Category Japan
Jaslyn Kwan Preparatory Category United States
Cassandra Lai Professional Category Australia
Jett Lecamu Pre-Professional Category United States
Ern Qi Lim Pre-Professional Category Malaysia
Valerie Lin Pre-Professional Category United States
Yunxin Lin Preparatory Category United States
Nicole Liu Pre-Professional Category United States
Mia Lochhead Preparatory Category United States
Remy Loren Professional Category United States
Gabriele Lukasik Professional Category United States
Lola Mackiewicz Pre-Professional Category United States
Zander Magolnick Pre-Professional Category United States
Nare Markosyan Professional Category Armenia
Alessandra  Martinez Professional Category United States
Barbara Martinez Campa Pre-Professional Category Mexico
Romina Martinez Campa  Introductory Category Mexico
Marissa Mattingly Pre-Professional Category United States
Isabella  McCool Pre-Professional Category United States
Constanza Medina Salcedo  Introductory Category Mexico
Isabella Meier Pre-Professional Category United States
Kaylee Meinholdt Preparatory Category United States
Isabella Mifsud-West Preparatory Category Australia
Nicholas Mihlar Pre-Professional Category Canada
Beatriz Miranda Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Kurumi Miwa Professional Category United States
Camilla Montano-Durand Preparatory Category United States
Johana  Morales Professional Category Mexico
Carrington Moser Professional Category United States
Carolina  Motta Pre-Professional Category Panama
Siobhan Nickell Professional Category United States
Tenki Nomura  Professional Category Japan
Alexia Norris Professional Category United States
Katerina Oschepkova Professional Category United States
Natalie Owstrowiak Introductory Category Panama
Brianna Patrick Professional Category United States
Keliah Peterson Pre-Professional Category United States
Kaeli Pierce Pre-Professional Category United States
Emery Pierce Professional Category United States
Alexa Pierce  Professional Category United States
Alessia Piovesan Fitz Patrick Pre-Professional Category Ecuador
Mantraa Rane Pre-Professional Category Australia
Joy Redington Professional Category United Kingdom
Skylar Reeve Introductory Category United States
Annabella Rhow Pre-Professional Category United States
Tessa Rivadulla Pre-Professional Category United States
Parker Roman Pre-Professional Category United States
Paloma Romero Pre-Professional Category Mexico
Mariana Ruiz Aviles Introductory Category Mexico
Megan Ryan Pre-Professional Category United States
Katherine Saburova Pre-Professional Category United States
Marian  Saldana Balboa Introductory Category Mexico
Maria Salguero Preparatory Category Colombia
Sarah Sampaio Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Johana Michelle  Santander  Preparatory Category Mexico
Victoria Santiago-Umpierre Professional Category United States
Maya Schonbrun Pre-Professional Category United States
Caitlynn Senjaya Introductory Category Indonesia
Audrey Shore Pre-Professional Category United States
Sonya Shteyn Professional Category United States
Emma Sias Preparatory Category United States
Suttyn Simon Professional Category United States
Amber Skaggs Professional Category United States
Evie Stambler Preparatory Category United States
Rachel Stewart Professional Category United States
Michelle Stokes Introductory Category United States
Lauren On Ting Tam Preparatory Category Hong Kong
Rebecca Taylor Preparatory Category United States
McKenzie Thomas Professional Category United States
Eva  Vasquez Pre-Professional Category Panama
Cruz Vining Pre-Professional Category United States
Chase Vining Professional Category United States
Eve Vlahodimos Introductory Category Australia
Eilene Vo Pre-Professional Category United States
Annalise  Wainwright-Jones Preparatory Category United Kingdom
Jolynne Waldner Pre-Professional Category United States
Maia Weisinger Braun Pre-Professional Category Australia
Elisabeth Rose Welsh Pre-Professional Category United States
Lilly Wheeler Preparatory Category United States
Katie Whitehead Preparatory Category United States
Julia Willard Pre-Professional Category United States
Dylan Wills Pre-Professional Category United States
Kyra Xin Yue Wong Pre-Professional Category Malaysia
Elea Woodward Professional Category United States
Alexis Workowski Pre-Professional Category United States
Yi Ki Yap Introductory Category Malaysia
Johanna Marie Yatco Professional Category Philippines
Janelle  Yuan Introductory Category United States
Jessie Zhang Preparatory Category United States
Yilin Zhao Introductory Category New Zealand
Kaylyn Zhong Pre-Professional Category United States
Ava Zisko Pre-Professional Category United States

List of Ensemble Dancers

First Name Last Name Category Country Representing
Taylor -Tatiana Andre Ensembles Category United States
Elizabeth Bortz Ensembles Category United States
Sofia Chen Ensembles Category United States
Mackenzie Chu Robin Ensembles Category United States
Skylar Chu Robin Ensembles Category United States
Kayli Copeland Ensembles Category United States
Naida Daniel Ensembles Category United States
Alexandria Ding Ensembles Category United States
Kylie Dyson Ensembles Category United States
Alicia Fan Ensembles Category United States
Alysia Guo Ensembles Category United States
Emily Guo Ensembles Category United States
Fei Hao Ensembles Category United States
Helen Hong Ensembles Category United States
Ashely Hu Ensembles Category United States
Mai Ishiyama Ensembles Category United States
Jasmine Jasper Ensembles Category Germany
Hannah Jiang Ensembles Category United States
Sophia  Knudsen Ensembles Category United States
Hope Koehler Ensembles Category United States
Meileigh Larson Ensembles Category United States
Tiffany Lin Ensembles Category United States
Kelley  Lu Ensembles Category United States
Marissa Mattingly Ensembles Category United States
Camilla Montano-Durand Ensembles Category United States
Olivia Peng Ensembles Category United States
Anthony Pototski Ensembles Category United States
Julia Potts Ensembles Category United States
Natalya Slwyka Ensembles Category United States
Sophia Spataro Ensembles Category United States
Chloe Sun Ensembles Category United States
Vicky Tang Ensembles Category United States
Camelia Tarquino Ensembles Category United States
Cianna  Wang Ensembles Category United States
Kadence Wang Ensembles Category United States
Connie Wang Ensembles Category United States
Amelia Wong Ensembles Category United States
Kristine Xu Ensembles Category United States
Angela  Yin Ensembles Category United States
Ellie  Yin Ensembles Category United States
Claire Zhang Ensembles Category United States
Vivian Zhou Ensembles Category United States

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