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Winners of World Ballet Competition OPEN 2012 (Romania)

World Ballet Competition - Competitors invited to Orlando, Florida, USA Finals

#114, Francesca Velicu (Romania)

#106, Runia Hanza (Romania)

#107, Yu Jin Kim (Korea)

#115, Maria Yeajin Sim (Korea)

#303, Diana Maria Cristescu (Romania)

#306, Subin KIm (Korea)


Introductory Category Medalists (Ages 9-13)

Gold Medalist, #114, Francesca Velicu (Romania)

Silver Medalist, #115, Maria Yeajin Sim (Korea)

Bronze Medalist, #106 Runia Hanza (Romania)

Bronze Medalist, #105 Severin Brunhuber (Romania)

Special Mention #112, Maria Savastre (Romania)

Special Mention, #113, Irina Tarau (Romania)

Special Mention, #110 Rebecca Olarescu (Romania)

Special Mention, #103 David Fiastru (Romania)

Special Mention, #108 Lee Minjeong (Korea)

Special Mention, #107 Yu JIn Kim (Korea)


Pre-Professional Category Medalists (Ages 14-17)

Silver Medalist, #303 Diana Cristescu (Romania)

Bronze Medalist, #301 Francesca Baciu (Romania)

Special Mention, #307 Andrea Lascu (Romania)

Special Mention, #305 Yu Jeong Hwang (Korea)

Special Mention, #306 Subin Kim (Korea)


Professional Category Medalists (Ages 18-26)

Gold Medal, #410 Reina Yagura (Japan)

Gold Medal, #409 Bogdan Plopeanu (Romania)

Silver Medal, #406 Takanori Mima (Japan)

Bronze Medal, #407 Yuka Muratani (Japan)

Special Mention, #408 Satomi Netsu (Japan)

Special Mention, #405 Stefan Bogdan Mester (Romania)

Special Mention, #402 Na Ree Hong (Korea)

Special Mention, #403 Da Hee Lee (Korea)

Special Mention, #404 Da Young Lee (Korea)

Special Mention, #411 Jin-ah Yoo (Korea)


Pas de Deux Category Medalists (Ages 14-26)

Silver Medal, #502 Reina Yagura (Japan) & Bogdan Plopeanu (Romania)

Bronze Medal, #501 Satomi Netus & Takanori Mima (Japan)

Special Mention #503 Yuka Muratani (Japan) & Stefan Bogdan Mester (Romania)


Group Category Medalists (Ages 14-26)

Bronze Medal, #602 Reina Yagura (Japan) & Bogdan Plopeanu (Romania)

Special Mention, #601 Satomi Netus & Takanori Mima (Japan)


Popularity Award

#303, Diana Maria Cristescu (Romania)


Choreography Award

#115, Maria Yeajin Sim (Korea)


Teacher Award

#303, Diana Maria Cristescu (Romania) ,Teacher - Ana Caraianopol

#107, Yu Jin Kim (Korea), Teacher Dae Won Kim


WBC Excellence Award ($2,000)

#502, Reina Yagura (Japan) & Bogdan Plopeanu (Romania)




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