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About WBC

The Wold Ballet Competition held it's first edition in 2007, since when it has enjoyed rapid growth in recognition due to it's fairness and transparency. The World Ballet Competition is a prestigious international ballet competiton (IBC) historically held yearly in Orlando, Florida.


 After the World Ballet Competition held Orlando's first international ballet competition in 2007, rave reviews were received by the attending public, critics, and more importantly our competitors. The Organizing Comitee then decided that the event needs to be an annual event and the competition quickly became noticed and recognized worldwide as one of the most fair, transparent, and unbiased competitions the world has to offer.

Based on previous years successes and know-how, the Organizing Comitee of the World Ballet Competition decided to hold regional competitions because of the very high interest in the competition and the countless turned down applications due to spot availability. First of these regionals, the WBC Open, will be held in the former European Capital of Culture, Sibiu, Romania.

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 Currently, the World Ballet Competition Finals offers one the highest cash awards of any international dance competition, the Grand Prix valued at $10,000 cash prize. All gold, silver, and bronze medalists receive cash prizes, while everyone is elligible to win numerous scholarship opportunities based on qualification scores.

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Scoring System

Over the corse of the years, the ballet competition has employed a computerized scoring system, much like the Olypics use, to ensure fairness and transparency. The system allows for the electronic capture and calculation of mean average score from each of the seven voting judges by dropping automatically the highest and lowest score to eliminate any possible favoritsm. The scoring system has been custom built for the World Ballet Competition and remains a cornerstone in ensuring its fairness. Once scores are posted, they are locked in place and cannot be changed for any reason except in case of a violation of rules and regulations or disqualification because of such violation (both of which require a supermajority of the jury).

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About WBC

The World Ballet Competition (WBC) is a not-for-profit 501 (C) 3 organization whose sole purpose is to promote talent and fairness.

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The venue of the 2022 World Ballet Competition, Orange County Convention Center, is wheelchair accessible. For futher information on Assistance for Guests with disabilities, please click here.