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Interview with WBC 2018 Silver Medalist: Madison Brown

At the 2018 World Ballet Competition Finals, Madison Brown captivated our audiences with her outstanding athleticism and artistry. Madison received the Silver Medal in the Preparatory Category and recently shared with us about her experience. Enjoy our chat!


Interview Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2019


1. Tell us about your preparation for the competition. How often did you rehearse and have private lessons?

I rehearse five days a week for 4-6 hours depending on the day. I also have private lessons 5 times per week for classical and contemporary pieces.


Madison rehearsing her variations in the studio


2. Did you rent or have your costumes made?
I have my costumes made each year and we work to make each costume fit the variation or contemporary piece. The costume can help tell the story of the dance.


3. Were you nervous before competing?
I always get slightly anxious before taking the stage, but once the music starts and the lights come up I know it’s showtime and I enjoy sharing my art.


Madison performing her contemporary routine "Aqua Vitae" at the 2018 World Ballet Competition Finals. Photo by Michael Cairns.


4. What do you think of the instantaenous scoring system and the online broadcast?
I think it’s really cool to be able to have my friends and family watch it and see reactions. It’s like watching the Olympics.


Madison receiving her score in the World Ballet Competition's Kiss & Cry segment


5. What did you think of the Master Class Workshop and the daily warm up classes?
I thought the classes and teachers were incredible. I always learn something new and the warm ups were great.


6. There are several competition rounds in the WBC, who chose the order of your solos for the competition?
I sit down with my coaches and go over the order of what they think will be best. It’s mainly about feel and how comfortable I am with each piece.


Madison with one of her coaches, Marina Saladino, at the 2018 World Ballet Competition


7. Do you think the individual onstage rehearsal before each round benefited your performances?
Absolutely!!!! Every floor is different and it helps to get a feel for the entire floor before the performance.


8. What do you think separates WBC from other ballet competitions?
I think the competition is very fierce and the teachers are top notch. It’s also a collection of really great dancers and it’s always fun to meet them and share our love of dance together.


Madison with WBC All Stars Performance Guest Artist, Dusty Button


9. Were you able to sight-see in Orlando?
I wasn’t able to do much sight seeing because we are generally very focused during competitions. And.... I live in Florida so we get to experience Orlando often.


10. What advice would you give to upcoming competitors?
Take a moment and enjoy the time spent with other dancers. We have an opportunity to do what we love and sometimes we get caught up in seeking perfection. It’s ok to exhale after the solo and enjoy the experience of WBC.


Madison performing her contemporary routine "Aqua Vitae" at the 2018 World Ballet Competition Finals. Photo by Michael Cairns.


11. What have you been up to since competing at the WBC?
I have been in a few competitions and had the opportunity to dance in Portugal, which was amazing. I competed on NBC's World of Dance this past summer.  I also have been working really hard on my classical training and promoting dance to younger artists in underserved communities.


Madison competing on NBC's World of Dance television show


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