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Photos & Winners of WBC OPEN Romania 2014

Below you will find the winners of the World Ballet Competition OPEN - Romania 2014.



Winners of the Introductory Category:

Special Mention, Milda Luckute (Lithuania), Competitor #105

Special Mention, Maria Andreea Barzescu (Romania), Competitor #108

Special Mention, Andreea Diana Dumitru (Romania), Competitor #116

Special Mention, Aurora Naatjes (USA), Competitor #128

Bronze Medal, Luca Dobos (Romania), Competitor #117

Bronze Medal, Ana Beatrice Bodea (Romania), Competitor #131

Silver Medal for CONTEMPORARY CATEGORY, Ana Beatrice Bodea (Romania), Competitor #131

Silver Medal, Darius Gramada (Romania), Competitor #109

Silver Medal - Georgia Andreea Botez (Romania), Competitor  #123

Silver Medal - Anays Eregep (Romania), Competitor #130

Gold Medal, Irina Georgina Tarau (Romania), Competitor #127



Winners of the Pre-Professional Category:

Special Mention, Maja Stojakov (Serbia), Competitor # 313

Bronze Medal - Maria Ruxandra Bodea (Romania), Competitor # 308

Silver Medal - Haeyoung Bae (South Korea), Competitor # 312

Silver Medal - Francesca Baciu (Romania), Competitor # 320

Bronze Medal for CONTEMPORARY CATEGORY,  Francesca Baciu (Romania), Competitor # 320


Winners of the Professional Category:

Bronze Medal, Jusin Kang (South Korea), Competitor # 405

Bronze Medal, Ada Gonzalez (Spain), Competitor # 407

Silver Medal, Ayaka Nagai (Japan), Competitor # 409

Silver Medal, Minyeong Kim (South Korea), Competitor # 404

Silver Medal for CONTEMPORARY CATEGORY, Minyeong Kim (South Korea), Competitor # 404


Pas De Deux Category

For the Pas de Deux Category, NO Medals were awarded by the Jury.



Ensemble Category - Winners:

Bronze Medal, Maja Stojakov and Milena Ogrizvoic, Competitor # 603 "Cage"

Silver Medal, La Sylphide Studio Dans, Competitor # 601 "La Danza Della Gioia"


Special Prizes

Best School Award:

Liceul de Coregrafie Floria Capsali


Teatrul De Balet Sibiu - Special Director's Choice Award for Choreography:

"On the Edge" performed by 

Milda Luckute (Lithuania), Competitor #105

Choreographer: Rikka Ihalainen


Best Contemporary Teacher's Award:

Doina Botis for La Sylphide Studio Dans (Romania)


Best Classical Teacher's Award:

Svetlana Zotina for Darius Gramada (Romania), Competitor #109 



WBC OPEN Excellence Award, split among the following 4 competitors:


Introductory Category:


Darius Gramada (Romania), Competitor #109

with a cash prize of $450 US Dollars



Irina Georgiana Tarau (Romania), Competitor #127

with a cash prize of $850 US Dollars



Pre-Professional Category:


Haeyoung Bae (South Korea), Competitor # 312

with a cash prize of $850 US Dollars


Professional Category:


Minyeong Kim (South Korea), Competitor # 404

with a cash prize of $850 US Dollars


Invited to World Ballet Competition USA 2014 Finals this June:

Irina Georgiana Tarau (Romania), Competitor #127

Darius Gramada (Romania), Competitor #109

Aurora Naatjes (USA), Competitor #128

Luca Dobos (Romania), Competitor #117

Milda Luckute (Lithuania), Competitor #105

Haeyoung Bae (South Korea), Competitor # 312

Francesca Baciu (Romania), Competitor # 320

Maria Ruxandra Bodea (Romania), Competitor # 308

Minyeong Kim (South Korea), Competitor # 404

Ayaka Nagai (Japan), Competitor # 409

Ada Gonzalez (Spain), Competitor # 407

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