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Vast Growth Seen for 3rd WBC OPEN Romania held March 20-23, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014 - Sibiu, Romania is set to host an influx of visiting dancers, teachers, choreographers, and families for the 3rd annual edition of the World Ballet Competition OPEN. Representing over ten countries, this year's edition marks the largest expansion seen yet with 65% growth in the dancer's entries.


Competitors of the WBC OPEN are set to excite audiences in Sibiu, Romania. Photo by: Ovidiu Matiu.

The thrilling event will be hosted from March 20-23, 2014 with three days of disqualifying competition rounds from, March 20-22, and the final day of March 23, for the Award Ceremony and Gala of the Stars. All days are open to the public audience. A live online broadcast will also allow worldwide viewers to watch the event maximizing great exposure for the participants!

Viewers are sure to be excited by the WBC's unique format which includes 1) a computerized, instantaneous scoring system that calculates and displays each score immediately after the routine is completed and 2) dancer's names and school affiliations are kept secret until the end of the event. These unheard of features create an atmosphere of fairness and utmost professionalism which has generated a reputation for the World Ballet Competition as 'the fairest international dance competition' in the world.

Adding to the excitement and pressure, competitors have the opportunity to win a large cash prize of $3,000 US Dollars and may be eligible to advance to the World Ballet Competition's finals held in Orlando, Florida, USA with the Grand Prix of $10,000 USD. To do so, dancers among the ages 8 to 26 will compete in the categories of Individual, Pas De Deux, and Ensemble in various dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, and neoclassical.

Judging the competitors will be no easy task, however the WBC's established judging panel is used to a challenge. The panel will include Elisabetta Hertel of Italy, Cosmin Marculetiu of USA, Milica Bijelic of Serbia, Sergiu Anghel of Romania, Egle Spokaite of Lithuania, Yeom Gwangok of Korea, Marina Stolyar of Russia, and Vasile Petrutiu, Founder and Director of the World Ballet Competition and Central Florida Ballet in the USA.

Concluding the four day event on March 23, will be the one-night-only Gala of the Stars performance featuring winning competitors and international dancer stars including Adiarys Almeida (Cuba), Joseph Gatti (USA), Dinu Tamazlakaru (Moldova), Katherina Markowskaja (Ukraine), Dawid Trzeminich (Poland), Bianca Fota (Romania), and Hannah Bettes (USA).

As the oldest city in Romania, Sibiu's historic landmarks and rich culture will be a special treat for the dancers visiting. "Sibiu is picturesque city to host the World Ballet Competition OPEN and the city has been very welcoming to our participants " says Vasile Petrutiu, Founder of the World Ballet Competition and also a native Romanian who grew up in Cluj. "We are pleased to see such a jump in growth for this year's event and are excited to bring back more talented competitors!"

The event is sponsored by Casa de Cultura a Municipiului Sibiu and the Central Florida Ballet. For schedules and event information, please visit http://www.WorldBalletCompetition.com or call +40 269 22 96 27.

About the World Ballet Competition: The World Ballet Competition has become known as one of the most popular international dance competitions with an emphasis on fairness and technology via its Olympics like computerized scoring system. Each year, the annual world finals are held in Orlando, Florida, USA. The new regional format “WBC OPEN” will enable dancers to compete in “their own backyard” and is set for expansion with more countries to be added in the near future.

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