International Job Fair - Dancer Application

Dancer Registration Process:

Step 1: Submit the Job Fair Audition Application (See Below for Requirements)

Step 2: Be notified of acceptance via email.

Step 3: Register for Live Audition in Orlando.

Note: The Job Fair is separate from the competition; Dancers are not required to compete in WBC.  

Job Fair Audition Application:

In order to maintain the quality and excellence of applicants in the Job Fair, each dancer is screened via video audition, prior to being accepted to the live audition in Orlando, Florida. A select panel of judges will view the submitted material and will recruit all dancers who qualify. Judgment will be based on talent, technique, execution, musicality and artistry.

Audition Application Deadline:

Deadline to submit International Job Fair applications is March 1, 2019. No entries will be accepted after this date! The audition fees are non-refundable and viewing materials are non- returnable. Please note, the number of competitors accepted is limited, so apply early.

Mail Your Audition Application To:

World Ballet Competition

3306 Maggie Boulevard, Suite B

Orlando, FL, USA 32811


Audition Application

All video audition applications must include the following:

1. One Video (DVD/VHS) following the instructions below.

2. The audition fee of $30 (US Dollars) check or money orders only, made payable to World Ballet Competition (WBC)

3. The Audition Form (Dancer International Job Fair Audition Form)

4. One recent photo copy of your passport or birth certificate.


Video (DVD/VHS) Requirements

All dancers should be filmed in either a class, rehearsal or a performance. Applicants may use a costume or class attire (with no additional accessories). Viewing material must be filmed within approximately one year prior to the competition date. Edited and/or altered viewing material will not be considered.

Specific Video Requirements

Provide One (1) DVD including ONE of the Options from Below:

All female dancers must perform on pointe if sending a performance/rehearsal video.


If accepted to the International Job Fair, you will be required to submit the Registration Form Package (sent by email) and registration fee.

The 2019 International Job Fair Registration Package (Fee $200) includes:

1. Registration
2. Live Audition Class - Broadcast LIVE on internet Worldwide
3. Admission to Final Round of the World Ballet Competition
4. One Admission to WBC All Stars Performance
5. WBC Official T-shirt

*NOTE: If you are a competitor in the WBC USA, you will have a reduced registration fee for the International Job Fair. Please click here for information.

*Note: Registration fees and requirements subject to changes at any time.

*Registration materials will not be accepted if fees are not paid. ALL FEES are final and non-refundable (this includes if you drop due to injury or other personal reasons).