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2019 List of Competitors

Congratulations to the following dancers who have been selected to compete in the 13th Annual Finals of the World Ballet Competition! The event will be held from April 22-27, 2019 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center's Linda Chapin Theater. All competition rounds are open for public viewing.

List of Soloist Dancers

First Name Last Name Category Country Representing
Renee Antonie Aguilar Introductory Category Philippines
Maria Clara Albino Pereira Preparatory Category Brazil
Mariana Albuquerque Silva Professional Category Brazil
Mikayla Anderson Professional Category United States
Taylor-Tatiana Andre Introductory Category United States
Meredith  Barajas Ibarra Preparatory Category Mexico
Ana Laura Bellini Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Tanner Benton-Mundorff Preparatory Category United States
Sunny Benziger Introductory Category United States
Gabriela  Bernardo Rena Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Eloa Bimbato Introductory Category Brazil
Leona Bimbato Introductory Category Brazil
Bo Bischoff Pre-Professional Category United States
Holly Borrelli Pre-Professional Category United States
Madison Braaksma Professional Category United States
Rayanna Brandao Professional Category Brazil
Madison Brown Pre-Professional Category United States
Emma  Butterworth Preparatory Category United States
Ana  Calvo Pre-Professional Category Panama
Lindsay Camden Preparatory Category United States
Giovanna Campos Professional Category Brazil
Karla Ceballos Preparatory Category Panama
Leo Cheng Introductory Category Singapore
Polina  Chepyk  Pre-Professional Category Ukraine
Ryoka Chiba Professional Category Japan
Rebecca Chichon Pre-Professional Category Canada
Liang Chong Introductory Category Panama
Jesyca Chugg Pre-Professional Category United States
Camilla Conceicao Professional Category Brazil
Sarah Crotty Preparatory Category United States
Morgan Davis Pre-Professional Category United States
Isabela  de Almeida Professional Category Brazil
Maria  De Gracia Introductory Category Panama
BarbaraAnne Dutil Pre-Professional Category United States
Mariana Esteves Professional Category Brazil
Chloe Exline Pre-Professional Category United States
Julia Favaro Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Zoe Ferla Pre-Professional Category United States
Pedro Fernandes Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Julia Ferreira Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Caua Pedro Ferreira Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Sakura Fitzgerald Pre-Professional Category United States
Izabela Fortes Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Natasha Furman Introductory Category United States
Nina Giraldo Pre-Professional Category United States
Ana Carolina Goncalves Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Nataly  Grau Professional Category United States
Natalie Gregorich Professional Category United States
Brianna Guagliardo Pre-Professional Category United States
Kate Guerin Professional Category United States
Madison Gunst Professional Category United States
Charlize Hardwick Introductory Category United States
Takeru Hatsushika Professional Category Canada
April Hattori Pre-Professional Category United States
Adrina Hsieh Preparatory Category United States
Chia-Yu Hsu Professional Category Taiwan
Isabella Iannuzzi Preparatory Category United States
Reira Ikeda Pre-Professional Category Singapore
Mathilda Inman Pre-Professional Category United States
Hallie Jo Johnson Pre-Professional Category United States
Hyunseo Kim Pre-Professional Category South Korea
Taeryeong Kim Pre-Professional Category South Korea
Suhwan Kim Professional Category South Korea
Danielle Kleiner Professional Category Philippines
Sara Komatsu Professional Category United States
Kateri Kosar Pre-Professional Category United States
Grace Koznarek Pre-Professional Category United States
Aubree Lavergne Professional Category United States
Seungmin Lee Pre-Professional Category South Korea
Luana Lessa Preparatory Category Brazil
Grace Libby Preparatory Category United States
Nicole Liu Preparatory Category United States
Luana Macedo Professional Category Brazil
Samantha Maestre Cortez Introductory Category Brazil
Hanna Manka Professional Category United States
Marissa Mattingly Pre-Professional Category United States
Isabella  McCool Preparatory Category United States
Lizzie McMindes Professional Category United States
Shannon McNiven Preparatory Category United States
Sophia Mello Preparatory Category Brazil
Grace Miller Pre-Professional Category United States
Riko Mizuta Pre-Professional Category United States
Ekaterina Nechayeva Professional Category Russia
Desiree Nguyen Professional Category Austria
Joshua  Nunamaker Pre-Professional Category United States
Audrey Oakes Pre-Professional Category United States
Shiori Ohama Professional Category United States
Anna Victoria Ortega Pre-Professional Category United States
Julianne Pankau Pre-Professional Category United States
Andrea Parrilla Pre-Professional Category Panama
Addison Partlow Preparatory Category United States
Julianna Perez Preparatory Category United States
Aleana Perez Pre-Professional Category United States
Ella Phun Introductory Category United States
Valentina Polanco Professional Category Colombia
Anna Maria Ponferrada Introductory Category Philippines
Grace Purugganan Professional Category Philippines
Emma Purvin Preparatory Category United States
Kristen Summer Quintos Introductory Category Philippines
Gina  Quiodettis Pre-Professional Category Panama
Addie Richardson Professional Category United States
Jimena Rodriguez Introductory Category Panama
Gianna Rodriguez Introductory Category Panama
Analia Rodriguez Introductory Category Panama
Ana  Rodriguez Preparatory Category Panama
Sofia Sarmento Preparatory Category Brazil
Martina Sarmiento Pre-Professional Category Philippines
Elizabeth  Seibel Professional Category United States
Alice Silva Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Luiza Silva Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Daisy Simboli Preparatory Category United States
Amber  Skaggs Pre-Professional Category United States
Chloe Snyder Preparatory Category United States
Kyra Soo Professional Category Canada
Natasha Sum Professional Category United States
Quincy Sykes Pre-Professional Category United States
Irene  Ta Professional Category Canada
Sophie Wenxin Ter Introductory Category Brazil
Zoila Tiangco Saakes Preparatory Category United States
Anna Giulia Toffoli Pre-Professional Category Brazil
Victoria Veitch Preparatory Category United States
Allison Walker Professional Category United States
Elisabeth Wenta Professional Category Australia
Julia Willard Preparatory Category United States
Ana Wong Introductory Category Panama
Mary Woodall Professional Category United States
Dawon Yang Pre-Professional Category South Korea

List of Ensemble Dancers

First Name Last Name Category Country Representing
Maria  Acosta Ensemble Category Panama
Gabriela  Alcantara Ensemble Category Brazil
Isabella  Alvarado Ensemble Category Panama
Anna Julia  Alves Ensemble Category Brazil
Valeria  Amaya Ensemble Category Panama
Sara Andrews Ensemble Category United States
Catarina  Borges Ensemble Category Brazil
Ana Bravo Ensemble Category Panama
Maria Vitoria  Bugalho Ensemble Category Brazil
Mikaela  Bultron Ensemble Category Panama
Anna Calvo Ensemble Category Panama
Maria Carolina  Carmo Ensemble Category Brazil
Beatriz  Carvalho Ensemble Category Brazil
Lorena Castillo Ensemble Category Panama
Karla Ceballos Ensemble Category Panama
Alana Chang Wong Ensemble Category Panama
Liang Chong Ensemble Category Panama
Laura  Cordoba Ensemble Category Panama
Isabelah  Coutinho Ensemble Category Brazil
Ana Barbara  Dalcin Ensemble Category Brazil
Morgan Davis Ensemble Category United States
Gabriela  de Alcantara Ensemble Category Brazil
Maria  De Gracia Ensemble Category Panama
Ana Diaz Ensemble Category Panama
Brayan dos Santos  Ensemble Category Brazil
Fernanda  e Silva Ensemble Category Brazil
Isabella  Espino Ensemble Category Panama
Krisanne Espino Ensemble Category Panama
Ana Espinosa Ensemble Category Panama
Julia  Favaro Ensemble Category Brazil
Manuela  Fonseca Ensemble Category Brazil
Maria Eduarda  Fortunato Ensemble Category Brazil
Valerie Fuentes Carrizo Ensemble Category Panama
Lorena  Gasques Ensemble Category Brazil
Emma Guevara Ensemble Category Panama
Ana Gutierrez Ensemble Category Panama
Madeleine Hall Ensemble Category United States
Nathalia  Hosida Ensemble Category Brazil
Ansley Hynes Ensemble Category United States
Mariam Jimenez Cano Ensemble Category Panama
Sara Komatsu Ensemble Category United States
Katie  Komatsu Ensemble Category Brazil
Nathalie  Labrador Allen Ensemble Category Panama
Camila  Lopez Ensemble Category Panama
Daniela  Lorenzo Ensemble Category Panama
Doria Marchena Ensemble Category Panama
Helleni  Marin Liakopulos Ensemble Category Panama
Maria Antonia Martins Ensemble Category Brazil
Marissa Mattingly Ensemble Category United States
Maria Luiza  Medina Ensemble Category Brazil
Vanessa Medina Castillo Ensemble Category Panama
Maila  Mello Ensemble Category Brazil
Aurora  Naatjes Ensemble Category United States
Samantha Noriega Ensemble Category Panama
Sofia  Oliveira Ensemble Category Brazil
Sofia  Oliveira Ensemble Category Brazil
Ana Clara  Oliveira  Ensemble Category Brazil
Ana  Ortega Ensemble Category Panama
Giovana  Ovelar Ensemble Category Brazil
Andrea Parrilla Ensemble Category Panama
Ana Pimentel Ensemble Category Panama
Larissa  Pires Ensemble Category Brazil
Amanda   Plaza Ensemble Category Panama
Gabrielle Purcell Ensemble Category United States
Lia Quijano Ensemble Category Panama
Mia Quijano Ensemble Category Panama
Gina Quiodettis Ensemble Category Panama
Camila Rangel Ensemble Category Panama
Sophia  Ribeiro Ensemble Category Brazil
Ana  Rodriguez Ensemble Category Panama
Jimena Rodriguez Ensemble Category Panama
Valentina  Rodriguez Ensemble Category Panama
Analia Rodriguez Ensemble Category Panama
Dafne  Rodriguez Ensemble Category Panama
Gianna  Rodriguez Ensemble Category Panama
Alecsana Rotar Ensemble Category Panama
Christine Sampson Ensemble Category Panama
Vivian Sanchez Ensemble Category Panama
Mariana  Santana Ensemble Category Brazil
Julia  Santos Ensemble Category Brazil
Leticia  Santos Ensemble Category Brazil
Isabelle Carolina  Santos Ensemble Category Brazil
Brayan  Santos  Ensemble Category Brazil
Sabrina Sarasqueta Isaza Ensemble Category Panama
Julia Shugart Ensemble Category United States
Gabriela  Silva Ensemble Category Brazil
Maria Eduarda  Silva Ensemble Category Brazil
Fernanda  Silva Ensemble Category Brazil
Maria Carolina  Silva Ensemble Category Brazil
Gabriela  Sousa Ensemble Category Brazil
Helena  Souza Ensemble Category Brazil
Olivia Spade Ensemble Category United States
Sophia Spataro Ensemble Category United States
Kate Taylor Ensemble Category Panama
Alejandra Urriola Ensemble Category Panama
Digna  Vasquez Ensemble Category Panama
Gabriela  Velasco Ensemble Category Panama
Maria  Vergara Ensemble Category Panama
Ana  Vergara Ensemble Category Panama
Maria Vergara Ensemble Category Panama
Jeannette Villarreal Ensemble Category Panama
Ana Wong Ensemble Category Panama
Amanda  Xavier Ensemble Category Brazil
Sofia  Zampieri Ensemble Category Brazil

2019 Judging Panel

The Organizing Committee of the 2019 World Ballet Competition has announced members of the Jury Panel. The 2019 World Finals will be held in Orlando, Florida from April 22-27, 2019. 


Founder & Artistic Director/Cheng Ballet Academy


Hsienfa Cheng began his dance education at the National Taiwan University of Arts where he was given the Honourable Ballet Dancer award from the National Taiwan Theatre in 1988. Mr. Cheng has worked extensively with The Atlanta Ballet, and as principal dancer for The Metropolitan Ballet Theatre, and the Contemporaneo Ballet de Caracas in Venezuela. In 1995, he joined Singapore Dance Theatre as Principal Dancer. Currently, he is the Artistic Director of Cheng Ballet Academy, which he co-founded with his wife, Ms Tan Yaling, in Singapore in 2006. A prolific choreographer and teacher, Mr Cheng has won many teaching and choreography awards at the Japan Ballet Competition, Tokyo Ballet Competition, Barcelona Dance Awards, and World Ballet Competition among others.


Artistic Director/Festival Ballet Providence


Mihailo Djuric is a former first soloist with the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Yugoslavia. In 1991, Mr. Djuric was appointed Artistic Director at Ballet New England and in 1998 co-founded Ballet Theatre Workshop and Children’s Repertory Ballet in New Hampshire. As a choreographer, his works have been performed in Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Italy and Venezuela. In July 1998, Mr. Djuric was appointed as the Artistic Director of Festival Ballet Providence where he is responsible for managing the Company, Junior Company and the Festival Ballet Providence School. His honors include the Pell Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Arts and gold medal at the Yugoslavian Choreographers’ Competition.


Director of Goh Ballet Academy

Chan Hon Goh

In her illustrious 20 year stage career, Chan Hon Goh has performed around the world. Recognition of her talents and artistic achievements began early in her career when Ms. Goh became the first Canadian to receive the Silver Medal at the Genèe International Ballet Competition in London, England and a prize at the illustrious Prix de Lausanne. In 2005, she received the New Pioneers Arts Award for her contributions to dance in Canada. As of September of 2010, Ms. Goh accepted an invitation to become the Director of the Goh Ballet Academy and Youth Company Canada. While in Vancouver, she also took on the role of Executive Producer to Goh Ballet’s critically acclaimed production of The Nutcracker. Ms. Goh is also a founding member of Vancouver’s Arts and Culture Policy Council.


International Master Teacher and Choreographer


Eleusa Lourenzoni studied at the Royal Academy of Dance in London and Municipal Ballet School in Brazil. She received a graduate degree in the History of Art, with specialty in ballet terminology and dance history. She has performed with Municipal Theater Ballet São Paulo, Maria Olenewa Ballet, Ballet of the City Sao Paulo, and Victor Aukstin Company. Mrs. Lourenzoni actively participates as a master ballet teacher and juror in major festivals, and has choreographed works in Brazil, U.S.A. and Argentina. She is the recipient of the Gala Ismael Guiser and Dance Personality Award in Brazil.


Artistic Director/Ballet Theatre UK


Christopher Moore founded the Ballet Theatre UK company in 2008 and has since created over twelve full-length ballets for the Company. The success of the Company has subsequently led to the development of The School of Ballet Theatre UK, founded in 2014 and has fast become of the leading classical training institutions in the country. He trained at Tring Park School of Performing Arts and The Royal Ballet School and has toured the world with many companies and choreographers. Christopher held the position of Head of Dance at Midland College, Nottingham, for five years and Artistic Director of Encore Dance Company at Ting Park School of Performing Arts. He has been an invited lecturer and judge at many international dance competitions and teacher conventions around the world.


Pennsylvania Ballet/Faculty Member


Ana Lourdes Novoa studied at the School of National Art in Havana, Cuba under the guidance of Ramona de Saa. Upon graduation, she immediately joined the Cuban National Ballet Company where she became a principal dancer and danced with the company for more than twenty years. She performed all throughout Cuba and toured extensively worldwide, dancing on all the renowned stage of the major capitals of the world including Bolshoi in Moscow, Metropolitan Opera House in New York, Kennedy Center, Liceu in Barcelona, Champs Elysees in Paris, Colon Theater in Argentina and many others. She has also taught professional level programs for Ballet Hispanico, Ballet Theater of Harlem, and the Cuban National Ballet. Currently Ana is a faculty member for the Pennsylvania Ballet.


Ballet Brio/Artistic Director


Rodney Rivera trained under the direction of Vladimir Issaev, Carlota Carrera, Silvia Marichal, and on scholarship at Point Park University. In 1994, he became the first male Puerto Rican to participate in the International Ballet Competition in Jackson. Rivera has performed in Taiwan, Cuba, Haiti, Egypt, Japan, USA, Mexico, Spain and Italy. He joined Ballet Brio in 1999 and became Artistic Director in 2010. Awards include Choreography Gold Medal at the Argentina International Dance Competition in 2006 and "Best Choreographer of the Year" by the Puertorrican Institute of Culture in 2010.


Ballet San Antonio/Former Artistic Director


Declared by the New York Times as “an astounding dancer", Shives' award winning career included performances with companies in New York, Austin, Tulsa, Milwaukee, Minnesota and Pittsburgh. Willy Shives studied with Nikita Talin in Texas before receiving a scholarship to train at the School of American Ballet. After a brilliant 16 year tenure with the Joffrey Ballet, he was named Artistic Director of Ballet San Antonio in 2015. He was credited for elevating the company and earning the title " Best Arts Organization 2017" by SA Magazine.He is the recipient of the 2004 Natalie Skelton Legacy Award and "Chicagoan of the Year” by The Chicago Tribune.


Universal Ballet/Artistic Director


Brian Yoo graduated from Jilin Arts School, studied dance pedagogy at the Beijing Dance Academy, and later joined Universal Ballet as a soloist. In 1995, he became ballet master and choreographer at the Guangzhou Ballet in China and moved to the National Ballet of China in Beijing in 1997. Mr. Yoo rejoined Universal Ballet as Ballet Master in 1999; promoted to Assistant Artistic Director in 2000; and Artistic Director in 2009. Mr. Yoo choreographed several ballets for the Universal Ballet, most recently the full-length Korean ballet, The Love of Chunhyung.


Opus Ballet/Classical Ballet Department Director

Claudia Zaccari

Claudia Zaccari is a former Prima Ballerina of the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome and Guest Prima Ballerina in famed theaters and opera houses including: Arena di Verona, Massimo di Palermo, Toulouse, Avignon, and London. She has danced alongside world-class dancers such as Maja Plisetskaia, Carla Fracci and Vladimir Vassiliev. Mrs. Zaccari has worked as a Consultant and Artistic Director of numerous dance schools, dance performances and events in Italy and abroad such as: the 'Cecilia Kerche Festival' in Belem (Brazil) and the 'Centro Teatral di Mazatlan' (Mexico). Currently, Mrs. Zaccari is the Director of Opus Ballet's Department of Classical Dance and a public relations representative for So Danca. Mrs. Zaccari's awards include the title of "Knight of the Republic" for having promoted artistic exchanges on the international level between Italy and countries worldwide.

2019 Participant Information

World Ballet Competition: The 2019 Finals

When: April 21-27, 2019

Venue: Orange County Convention Center's Linda Chapin Theater

Venue Address: 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 USA

1 - Daily Participant Schedule: Click Here - Last Updated April 25!

Please note: The schedule is subject to changes at any time

2 - Stage Time Rehearsal Information: Click Here

3 - Competitor Video Information

**All video orders must be received no later than Saturday, prior to the Gala.** As a reminder, each soloist competitor registration includes one (1) solo at no charge. Each ensemble piece receives one (1) video for the group.

Please see Diacom Productions located in the main lobby next to ticketing to place your order. A representative from Diacom Productions will be available 30 minutes before each days competition as well as during our 30 minute breaks on Thursday and Friday.

4 - Competitor Photo Information: Click Here

Order your World Ballet Competition 2019 Photo Pass! Save money and time with the $99 Photo Pass - Includes all digital photos of your competitor taken each day and delivered electronically 7-10 days after close of the competition. Michael Cairns Professional Photopgrahy accepts Credit Cards, Paypal and Cash. Individual downloads $25 each. A link to order will be posted on our website once the competition begins.

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